Membership Camping

Founding Members can choose their permanent camping site for weekend use, all other sites are on a first come first serve basis. Whether you enjoy mudding, riding horses, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, camping offers you an adventure filled weekend.
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  • The health benefits of camping: Fresh Air, Socialization, Improved Moods, Less Stress, Exercise, Sunshine, Good Night’s Sleep, Good Food, New Challenges, and Meditation.
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Old Cracker Style Lodging

Florida Cracker Ranch will provide old style cracker cabins for overnight lodging, however, not until 2016. Keeping with the rustic charm of ol’ Florida but providing amenities of both old and new Florida will be focus. Cabins will be places around this vast property and be made available for members/guests. These charming and comfortable cabins will take you back to old Florida. Florida Cracker Ranch will make available larger cabins to accommodate more guests.
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  • Comfortable and cozy cracker style cabins will be made available for over night stay
  • Quiet areas will be prime location for these charming cabins, stepping back in time
  • Overtime more cabins will be added, sleeping a wide range of guests at the ranch
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Old Florida Hiking and Nature

Florida Cracker Ranch sits on a thousand acres of pristine unspoiled land, and will include in time several miles of walking/hiking trails for those with all abilities. Members/guests will have an option to hike the nature trails in a tranquil outdoor native setting or bird/animal watch with an inclusion of tree stands and blinds along the trails. There will be a separate jogging course (including boardwalks) for those who require a little more speed.
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  • Hike, stroll or run around the pristine tranquil ground of the Florida Cracker Ranch
  • Quietly view native birds and wildlife from trail heads, along with elevated platforms
  • Relax and step back in time and learn about life how it was on information boards
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Florida Cracker Ranch will have all the amenities from long ago, including scenic hayrides, fishing in one of several lakes located throughout the property, or camping at one of many sites. No cars will be allowed in certain areas to preserve the grounds and atmosphere. We wish to instil old rustic style transportation on the property whenever possible. Our lakes are artisan spring fed and crystal clear donning white sandy beaches. This family friendly club has it all for any age.
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  • Fish on scenic lakes and look straight down into clear deep water
  • Relax or play on one of our white sandy beaches, this natural beauty is a must see
  • Camp under the wide open spaces, a favorite among star gazers and wildlife enthusiast
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Horse Trails/Riding

Florida Cracker Ranch will include miles of scenic and tranquil horse trails. Members/guests will have the experience of a lifetime when they get to work cattle, ‘real’ cowboy style along with professional guides. We will have a 30-acre area conducive for participation when it comes to cattle working, with of course the exciting and interesting history being brought into the mix. For those who haven’t had much experience around horses, basic lessons will be made available at discounted rates. There will be a staging field, where the rustic but modernized horse facilities will be located. Camping and/or cabins will be close by this area to provide overnight horse stay for guests bringing their own horses. Horse boarding with limited space will also be made available. Whether you are an experienced rider or just beginning there is something for everyone.
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  • Saddle up and ride along one of many scenic and quiet horse trails, all levels welcome
  • Ever want to wrangle-up cattle, you can now learn now with our professional guides
  • Camp or cabin, bring your horse, or we will provide them, enjoy this horse lovers heaven
  • Horse trails will be available in 2014
  • Horse boarding, cattle wrangling and rentals will be available in 2015
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