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ATV Area

Florida Cracker Ranch boosts an exciting, yet rugged ATV area for the beginner, to highly skilled rider. Adjacent to the main area, there is a peewee section, allowing only 125 cc machines and under. We have trails marked with various colors, noting level of difficulty. This scenic area  includes several miles of custom designed trails consisting of hills, jumps, water and mud obstacles. Members have their own large private staging area. During the initial opening of the club, you will need to bring your own ATV or side-by-side to utilize the trails. Florida Cracker Ranch will have ATV’s available soon. Contact us for more info.
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  • Miles of exciting and rugged trails for all levels of use, including a pee wee area.
  • Custom trails with hills, jumps and other obstacles for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Staging/camping areas with portable restrooms. Hot showers and equipment cleaning stations provided on property.
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BMX/Mountain Bike

Florida Cracker Ranch offers members/guests a scenic thrill ride through this unspoiled lush ground, thinking of times gone by, where Indians roamed and frontiersmen fought to development this area.  The adventurist mountain bikers will enjoy the thrill of having their own area, which includes over two miles of rugged trails to show their skills. Trails will be clearly marked, noting level of experience needed for a safe and enjoyable way to spend time. This area will be developed in 2014-2015.
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  • Miles of exciting and well thought our trails for the BMX and mountain bike enthusiast
  • Trail markers indicating levels of difficulty for safe, thrilling fun for all abilities
  • Staging/camping areas with restrooms, hot showers and equipment cleaning stations provided on property.
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Dirt Bikes

Florida Cracker Ranch will be one a few locations offering the always thrilling activity of dirt biking for members/guests. This area includes several scenic miles of custom-built trails and also providing a 5-acre staging area with restrooms, available camping and an area for dirt bike pressure washing. This carefully carved out dirt bike area will include heart pounding jumps, a steep hill testing your skills, obstacles that will make even the most skilled rider sweat, moguls and of course the always popular mud areas, ensuring our staging area will be a much needed reprise from the elements. Included will be a peewee area designed for 125cc and under safe riding fun.
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  • Miles of heart pounding, carefully designed trails for the thrill seekers
  • Hills, obstacles, moguls and of course the always popular mud areas for good ol’ fun
  • Staging/camping areas with restrooms, showers, dirt bike wash racks and other amenities
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Swamp Buggy Area

Florida Cracker Ranch can boast one of only a few areas conducive to swamp buggy fun anywhere. We will provide members/guests with a beautifully preserved three hundred acre saw grass marsh, for swamp buggy thrills. Hold on to your hat, this area holds water year round and this mini-everglade is completely unique to central Florida. We promise to provide countless hours of open expanses with nature at its finest and unspoiled enjoyment for the entire family. Enjoy the sights and sounds of breath-taking nature watching while you are catching your breath from your thrill ride on the trails, also providing camping, restrooms, washing stations for the swamp buggies. As popularity grows we will provide swamp buggy rides for those of all ages.
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  • Hundreds of acres await the thrill of a lifetime, while surrounded by nature at it’s finest
  • Hold onto your hat as you experience life on the mini-everglades aboard a swamp buggy
  • Staging/camping areas with restrooms, hot showers and equipment cleaning stations provided on property.
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4×4/Mud Trucks

Florida Cracker Ranch launches one of the largest mud trucks areas anywhere, with several miles of trails, rock climbing wall, and mud pit area. We will have access for the street legal four wheel drive truck to the custom built monster trucks, all enjoying this pristine location for mud truck enjoyment. Trails will be marked for various levels of difficulty for safety and enjoyment for all members/guests. A shared staging area will be made available, including restrooms, showers, wash area and even a thrilling rock-climbing hill to test your stamina and nerves.
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  • Mud trucks of all varying designs come on, if its thrill seeking fun you seek-you found it
  • Trails, trails and more trails…we believe in providing access for all abilities and trucks
  • Staging/camping areas with restrooms, showers, truck wash and a rock-climbing hill
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Skeet Shooting Range

Florida Cracker Ranch will be a sought after area to enjoy the always exhilarating skeet shooting range, which includes a raised platform area for shooting. Skeet throwers will be available. The well-designed shooting range will include a covered shooting area and unique set targets at different distances. Fixed targets will be a mixture of rotating steel indicators and three-dimensional objects. This state-of-the-art area will sit on a pristine parcel of land, perfect for the nature lover.
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  • Realistic skeet shooting with raised platform.
  • Pristine location for both skeet shooting and a well thought out covered gun shooting area
  • Enjoy two popular activities, both including all the extras to make for exciting safe fun
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